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As the CEO of MDRN Athlete I want to welcome you to MDRN Athlete Performance. This is where champions are made and physiques are carved. Combining over 15 years of fitness experience, doctorate level studies and trial & error, my passion is to help others achieve greatness in their fitness journey. Whether you are looking to pack on slabs of muscle, lose some stubborn fat, or step on stage and take home the overall trophy, this program is for you. 

We live for your success

MDRN Athlete was started for this very reason. To help athletes in all areas be their absolute best in the gym, on the field, or in everyday life. We formulate supplements with this purpose in mind and are now helping you through our one-on-one custom training and nutrition plans. Every program is completely customized from the ground up with your specific goals and background in mind. These are not cookie cutter plans for a 1 time fee. When you work with MDRN Athlete, I will personally be involved in helping you every step of the way. You will have access to my personal email and phone where I can be reached on a daily basis. 

When you hire me as your personal coach, be prepared to learn, apply and change the way you live forever. These are not quick fix diets or some magical workouts that promise unrealistic results. MDRN Athlete Performance was designed to be a platform for growth, knowledge and a lifestyle change. You will learn and apply techniques used by the world's top fitness professionals, taught to eat like top IFBB Pro athletes and train for longevity, health, and performance. Even after you no longer need our services, the priceless knowledge you take away will be with you for life. This is completely different than any other online coaching and personal training service, where you only continue seeing results if you rehire them. 

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Because of the highly involved nature of this service, spots are extremely limited and clients will be accepted on a first come basis. One-on-One personal training is also available. To register send an email to, fill out the form here, or call us at 760.271.4730