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Our Story


At MDRN ATHLETE, we are living for something bigger than ourselves. We are athletes pursuing excellence in every area of life. We put God above all things and family before our careers. Our passion for fitness and desire to give back is the driving force behind our brand. Our mission at MDRN Athlete is to produce the most elite supplements that will help athletes perform at their absolute best. Whether you are looking to transform your body or become a world class champion, MDRN Athlete has you covered. 

Founded by two pharmacists and IFBB Professional athletes, we utilize over 25 years of fitness and supplement experience to provide the safest and highest performing supplements in the industry.  



MDRN Athlete supplements are pharmacist formulated from the ground up. We took over two decades of combined fitness, nutrition and supplement knowledge to bring athletes the absolute best performing supplements on the market. Each formula is precisely crafted with effectively dosed ingredients backed by studies showing efficacy and safety. Every product is transparently labeled showing exact doses with no hiding behind proprietary blends. We also avoid any artificial dyes or coloring to keep our products as clean and healthy as they are effective. 

At MDRN Athlete we spared no expense in bringing you the very best formulations.  There's no under-dosing of ingredients just for the sake of inclusion (an extremely common practice in the industry). We also utilize cutting edge trademarked ingredients where it makes sense. No generic substitutions where the brand name has been shown to perform better. Finally, we stay on top of the latest human clinical data on important vitamins, minerals and nutrients in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Bottom line: our products simply WORK. 

*MDRN Athlete supps are produced in a cGMP facility and guaranteed to be FREE of any banned substances.


MDRN Athlete has partnered with several charities and missionaries across the globe to help provide clothing and food for families in need. We are committed to donating 10% of all our proceeds towards this cause. When you purchase any of our products, know that you are directly impacting lives across the globe. Whether affected by natural disasters or born into poverty stricken villages. From the Philippines to South Africa to Guatemala; our reach has no limit. This is a commitment that will never change. 

This is The Pursuit of Excellence.