Online Coaching

Anywhere. Anytime. Our online coaching programs are designed to give you the freedom to train with us on your own time from anywhere in the world. Each program is fully customized for your specific body and goals. The beauty of online training is that we are not limited to a physical location. So whether you are in Chicago looking to train at 4am or New Zealand with only a few dumbells and a treadmill, I can make it work for you. 

After a thorough initial assessment through Skype or FaceTime, your program will be precisely crafted into 4 week segments. Each week we offer a video follow up along with unlimited email and text support, so even though we cannot meet in person, you can count on me to deliver a personal experience every time. 



Training: $300/mo (w/ nutrition $400)

4 week plan includes a custom weight training and cardio program specifically designed based on your individual goals, stats and experience level. 

Nutrition: $300/mo (w/ training $400)

Customized nutrition plans for gaining muscle or losing fat. We follow a "flexible dieting" approach where you actually learn to eat the right way for your goals. No starvation diets or endless meals of fish and rice in this plan. We include all the foods you love to eat and still get you to your goal. We take a scientific approach to your meal planning; not a cut and paste diet.  

12 Week Training/Nutrition: $1100 

Contest Prep: $1300/12 weeks | $1500/16 weeks

Plan includes complete nutrition and training protocol along with assistance in posing, suit selection and tanning. We take a "flexible dieting" approach and not some cookie cutter diet that the guy on stage next to you is following. Get stage shredded the healthy way and learn why you're eating and training the way you do. Plan includes unlimited support through email, text and phone. (Option to attend and coach you on show day also available.) 

Consultation: $40/half or $70/hour

Need some quick tips on training or nutrition? We can chat with you one on one via Skype, FaceTime or in-person