It's Time to Change the Game

February 15, 2018

The supplement industry is evolving. You probably sense it as well, but like many others, you haven’t dug deep enough to measure the shifting landscape. And if you haven’t sensed it…well don’t beat yourself up. There’s a lot of money being spent keeping you numb.

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of dozens of flashy labels as each one graphically elbows its neighbors trying desperately to gain our attention. Don’t get me wrong--companies do this for a reason. It’s because it works. Even we used to fall prey to the tiny burst of dopamine that came with each ‘new and improved’ pre-workout that appeared on the shelf. Too bad it only lasted as long as the time it took to turn the bottle over and read the label.

Each of these glittery marketing gimmicks, even the painfully obvious ones, are designed to keep you from asking a disturbing question that’s beginning to emerge in the world of supplements. If your honest, it’s likely the same question that brought you here. “Will this one finally work?”

This is the same question that sparked MDRN Athlete into existence.

MDRN Athlete was founded by two licensed pharmacists and IFBB professional competitors. It’s a potent resume to be sure, but it’s our ‘Why’ that is starting to make some of the big names in the supplement game nervous. We sensed the shift early on, wondering why we were constantly searching for the next best thing in supplements, and decided to dig deeper.

After an in-depth peek behind the supplement curtain (quite a scary sight as you can imagine), we came out shaking our heads. Fed up with astronomical profit margins, deceptive proprietary blends, and companies that compromised safety for cheap ingredients, we knew there was a sizeable gap in the industry that we were determined to fill. And that was simply by doing it right.

With our experience in bodybuilding and clinical expertise as doctors of pharmacy, we began crafting a line of supplements that would take our performance to the next level. Straight out of the gate, we knew why other companies weren’t doing it. It’s expensive to do it right! At over 2 dollars a serving, we knew it would be a tough sell to the average buyer… But if that’s what it takes to create a safe, clinically dosed, amazingly effective product that doesn’t wear off halfway through the bottle, then that’s what we were going to do.

White coats on, we nerded out for a few months, tweaking it to perfection and testing out every batch in the gym before finally landing on the formula that you see before you. Having tried virtually every other product out there ourselves, we are stoked to finally be having the best workouts of our lives!

A Different Approach to Supplements and Safety

Watch closely. In the upcoming months, many companies will come out with ‘new-and-improved’ versions of the pre-workouts they offer. What you won’t hear them say is that, in many cases, it's because their ingredients were banned for safety concerns.

We took an oath when we became pharmacists. Part of this oath was to apply our knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of our ability to assure optimal outcomes for our patients. We use this same philosophy when it comes to providing supplements to our athletes.

We know better than most that ‘gray-area’ ingredients aren’t specific to the supplement industry. Prescription medication and drug companies have their own skeletons in the closet to deal with, but at least safety is studied so you know the risks beforehand. Supplements aren’t.

We’re committed to doing better at MDRN Athlete. That’s why every ingredient and every dosage is fully disclosed with the research to back it up, never hiding behind proprietary blends where expensive buzzword ingredients are often sprinkled in at sub-optimal dosages.


A look into the last pre-workout you'll ever buy...




The MDRN Athlete Difference*


L-Citrulline – Reduces fatigue, improves endurance and power output.

Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn®) – Enhanced muscular endurance.

Betaine – Increases endurance, strength, intracellular hydration and protects against muscle damage from training.

Agmatine – Increased nitric oxide production, aids in mental clarity and focus, promotes insulin sensitivity driving nutrients into muscles, reduces short term neuropathic pain.


NeuroHack Complex

Methylliberine 40% (as Dynamine™) – The newest innovation in fast-acting, high-impact energy, mood and focus.

Theacrine 40% (as TeaCrine®) –  Energy with a smooth lift and no crash. Provides mental clarity along with improved motivation and mood. No adverse impact on blood pressure, heart rate, irritability or jitters.

Alpha-GPC – Provides a boost in mental function, focus and cognition.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – Enhanced mind-muscle connection. Better focus and more energy.

L-Theanine –Synergistic with our 300mg of caffeine to promote cognition and attention, taking the ‘edge’ off of stimulants.

Huperzine A – Nootropic benefits such as cognitive performance and improved memory.


Absorption Aid

BioPerine® (Black Pepper Fruit Extract) – Improves nutrient absorption through GI thermogenesis


Stay tuned for our pre-sale launching next week and shipping will begin later this month. Welcome to the next level!






*All ingredient descriptions were summarized from information provided at or the respective websites for trademarked ingredients. Extensive analysis of each ingredient will be provided in upcoming posts.

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